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Michigan AAU Boy's Basketball

Michigan AAU Boy's Basketball

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Sep, 2019


Playing Rules

The Winning Team is the first team to score 33 points, OR the Team ahead when time expires.

*If the game is tied when the clock expires, play continues until the next point is scored.

*Games are 12 minutes, running clock.

*Substitutions by either team can occur during a FT or Time Out. The offensive team can substitute during a throw-in (in bounding) of the basketball.

*Each team can take 1 time out (30 sec), but clock continues to run.
*No time outs last 2 minutes of game.
*Referee can stop the clock for an injury.
*Referee can direct a stalling team to “play ball” and team has 10 seconds to attempt a shot. *Free throws are taken on shooting fouls (6 seconds to shoot).

*2 shots awarded for common fouls on 5th team foul.

*Players disqualified on 4th personal foul.

*Home team is on left of the schedule, visiting team is on the right of the schedule.

*Visiting team gets the ball for 1st possession.

*After a made FG or FT, the opposing team takes ball out on baseline to begin their possession.

*Once inbounded, ball must be taken outside the 3 pt. arc before a shot is attempted-Violation is a turnover.

*On all changes of possession, the ball must be taken outside the 3-point arc before a shot is attempted-Violation is a turnover (steals, blocks, turnover, defensive rebounds, airball by offense).

*Regular scoring (3 points, 2 points, free throws).

*Rosters may have Four (4) Players maximum-One (1) coach maximum- (coach not required). Three (3) Player rosters are okay.


Michigan AAU Boy's Basketball Eastern District
Orlando M. Watkins. 
Detroit, Michigan 48206

Email: [email protected]

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